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The common operating picture for achieving wildfire and climate resilience.

A common operating picture for building wildfire and climate resilience.


Land Tender

The Vibrant Planet cloud-based platform unlocks real-time, collaborative scenario planning at any scale. Built to support agile, informed, and urgent responses to current and future wildfire and climate threats.

VP Data Commons:
Open data, open science

Learn about the nonprofit arm of our hybrid nonprofit + public benefit corporation structure. The VP Data Commons makes Vibrant Planet’s novel data products publicly available for scientific pursuits and develops informative data experiences that generate public demand for resilience building.


Vibrant Planet welcomes Pyrologix to the family!

State-of-the-art wildfire hazard and risk modeling combines with Vibrant Planet’s decision support for strategically mitigating wildfire risk while enhancing ecological function to create enduring resilience.

A vibrant planet is one where we’ve restored a stewardship relationship with our own ecosystems—giving rise to climate resilient communities and ecosystems in the process.

Built for the pace and scale this moment requires.

We harness the best available data and scientific models*, packaged in a powerful, cloud-based scenario planning platform, to help make communities and ecosystems more resilient in the face of wildfire and climate change.

Our goal is to help planners and policy makers save lives, avoid trillions of dollars in infrastructure loss, and restore the ability of natural systems to store carbon, deliver clean water, and support biodiversity, local economies, and recreational habits.

*Every data and scientific model operationalized in the platform is transparently documented in the application. 


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We’d love to connect with you. Drop us a line if you’re interested in making communities and ecosystems more resilient in the face of wildfire and climate change, or want to help us unlock natural climate solutions. Together, we can forge a better future.

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