Community Wildfire Resilience

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No matter where you are in the community planning cycle, we harmonize publicly-available information to help you achieve urban and wildland resilience faster across ownerships. We are designing a new product for community wildfire resilience. Click below to learn more!


Assess risk to people, properties, water and more with local, current fuelscape and wildfire hazard data. With fire modeling from Pyrologix, a Vibrant Planet company, predict the impact of disturbance and build a quantitative wildfire risk assessment.


Create a living Community Wildfire Protection Plan. Collaboratively build treatment scenarios balanced to your unique priorities and weigh the impact of alternative fuels reduction actions. Design a plan using outcome-based metrics.


Maintain publicly available community hazard data and continuously support home hardening and hazardous fuels reduction. Build sequenced projects based on your budget and workforce constraints. Download projects into field applications for productive layout and contract compliance.


Monitor resilience trends and management outcomes over time, and report resilience gains to project funders, supervisors, partners and your community.


Change happens – like adjusted budgets, evolving community needs, buildings growing older, or developments like unplanned wildfire. Meanwhile, vegetation grows, planned interventions are completed, and risk shifts across your landscape.

We refresh our data annually, enabling you to adjust your plans in light of changing conditions or priorities.

Case Studies

Truckee Fire Protection District Builds Consensus in Record Time

Community wildfire resilience

Marin County Develops 11 Essential Projects to Reduce Fire Risk

Community wildfire resilience
“Following upfront customization, in just 9 weeks, we used Vibrant Planet to generate the district-wide partner consensus we needed to build our CWPP – a process that normally takes over a year.”
Dillon Sheedy
Assistant Wildfire Prevention Manager
Truckee Fire Prevention District

Tools and features to empower a fire adapted community

Instant quantitative wildfire risk assessments

Understand how local community assets and infrastructure could be affected by wildfire.

Dynamic community wildfire protection planning

Incorporate budget and time constraints to develop actionable projects. Identify and prioritize home hardening and defensible space inspections. Constant evaluation informs nimble decisions and actions in a changing environment.

A risk reduction opportunity sandbox

With unlimited resilience treatment designs, predict the impacts of wildfire and compare tradeoffs.

Collaboration and consensus building tools

Share and compare risk reduction plans across boundaries, including private landowners and adjacent public lands.

Outcomes-based implementation plans

Increase likelihood of funding and implementation success through science based, transparent outcome predictions.

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The Vibrant Planet platform unlocks insights, informs decisions, and enables collaboration at any scale.

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