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Helping natural resource managers, agency leaders and their partners collaborate at every step

No matter where you are in the process, we harmonize publicly-available information and your own custom data – collaborating to achieve resilience faster across boundaries.


With comprehensive vegetation structure, fuelscapes, and ecological data, understand current conditions and ecosystem health. Analyze hazard and risk to structures, recreation areas, vulnerable municipal water supplies, critical species habitat, carbon sinks, and more.

Build your quantitative wildfire risk assessment with relative hazard to all values with world class fire modeling powered by Pyrologix, a Vibrant Planet company.


See how risk reduction opportunities changed based on the management outcomes you weight higher or lower in the system.

Create unlimited scenarios to compare tradeoffs at the management unit or larger scales, and align with collaborators on a shared strategy.


ForSys, a Rocky Mountain Research Station model, is operationalized in our platform and optimizes project recommendations with budget, time, or acreage constraints.

Every project contains workforce requirements, biomass product benefit, and project co-benefits including improved water reliability, and enhanced carbon sequestration, biodiversity, and recreation areas to support final project layout and regulatory and permitting processes.

Data downloads streamline processes as project plans move to implementation.


Monitor resilience trends and management outcomes over time, and report resilience gains to project funders, supervisors, partners and the public.


Change happens – like adjusted budgets, evolving priorities, or unplanned wildfire. Meanwhile, vegetation grows, planned interventions are completed, and risk shifts across your landscape.

We refresh our data annually, enabling you to adjust your plans in light of changing conditions or priorities.

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“With Vibrant Planet, we’ve been able to work with partner organizations and local governments to design large-scale forest resilience projects.”
Eli Ilano
Former Supervisor
Tahoe National Forest

Tools and features to support outcomes based land management and confident resource planning

Trusted and comprehensive data

Current tree-level data, augmented with machine learning and integrated with localized and nationally mapped socio-ecological values, supporting collaboration and communication of outcomes with regional and national audiences.

World class wildfire modeling from Pyrologix, a Vibrant Planet company

Wildfire hazard models combining multiple weather scenarios, recent ignition sources and current fuel inputs to inform risk across the western United States (and soon, the world).

Management unit delineation

Plausible management units that support layout, contract, implementation, and project costs and impact analytics for regional and national resource prioritization.

Real time scenario planning and predictive analytics

Streamlined scenario and tradeoff comparisons, treatment quantification and effects (for action and no action analysis), alongside impact and co-benefit predictions.

From initial product appraisal to resource prioritization

Treatment costs, product appraisals (including board feet and biomass) and workforce requirements included in each plan to eliminate often disconnected processes.

Monitoring and reporting

Annual data refreshes enabling landscape trend monitoring and treatment effectiveness quantification, with data visualization to support adapted and ongoing reporting. (More frequent data refreshes available on request.)

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The Vibrant Planet platform unlocks insights, informs decisions, and enables collaboration at any scale.

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