Vibrant Planet + Pyrologix Join Forces — Bringing Better Analytics and Tools for Accelerating Wildfire and Climate Resilience

July 20, 2023
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Pyrologix’s Wildfire Analytics adds to Vibrant Planet’s end-to-end platform for adaptive wildfire planning.

TRUCKEE, Calif. (July 20, 2023) – Vibrant Planet, the end-to-end platform to help advance collaborative action and forest resilience, has merged with Pyrologix, the wildfire analysis research firm, to provide decision-support for optimizing resource deployment to land managers working at all scales, giving them more speed, agility, and power in their mission to build community and wildland wildfire and climate resilience.

This union will make it easier for NGOs, state and local governments, and federal agencies to make more effective and efficient decisions on where best to deploy limited resources for community protection and wildland restoration — thereby increasing the pace and scale of restoration.

Pyrologix is a complete wildfire analysis firm providing specialized services, including:

  • Fuels mapping. Constructs locally calibrated, seamless, up-to-date, and accurate fuelscapes for analysis and wildfire fire modeling at every scale. 
  • Hazard assessment. Conducts landscape-scale assessments of the current and future wildfire likelihood, intensity, and ember production and load using continuously variable fuel, weather, and topography inputs across the nation.
  • Exposure analysis. Intersects wildfire hazard with important resources and assets to gauge their exposure to wildfire, from the community scale to the continent.
  • Fuel treatment analysis. Resimulates hazard and exposure for proposed and alternative fuel treatment scenarios to judge their effects on the landscape to support land and resource management.

Vibrant Planet provides a powerful, science-based, end-to-end decision-making platform:

  • Connects strategic priorities with on-the-ground actions. Vibrant Planet combines disturbance modeling (fire powered by Pyrologix, plus drought and soon flooding), exposure analysis, risk assessment, treatment optimization, plan optimization and sequencing powered by ForSys — all in one package at any critical spatial or investment scale. This scalability allows decision-makers and collaborators to quickly address rapidly changing conditions  at a local, state or national level.
  • Adaptively recommends most effective plans to build community and wildland resilience. Generates “ideal” or treated fuelscapes to support fuel treatment analysis. Treatment scenarios planned in Vibrant Planet’s tool support a fundamental shift from catastrophic wildfire behavior to restorative fire by easily identifying where and how to reduce fuels and restore landscapes to strategically deploy funds, personnel and equipment, based on current conditions and management priorities. 
  • Supports effective collaboration and public communication. In a collaborative, friendly, cloud-based environment, users easily identify extreme risk areas and integrate user-determined values into community wildfire protection, hazard mitigation, and overall landscape resilience planning.

The merger was completed June 30th, 2023.

Both companies will continue prioritizing and supporting our clients throughout the integration process. 

The union will expand Vibrant Planet’s services to cover comprehensive wildfire hazard exposure risk and avoided loss analytics, as well as treatment scenario planning, predictive analytics for workforce planning, project effectiveness and resilience trends monitoring and reporting across assets and ecosystem services for fire-prone wildlands and communities. 

Reach out to find out more about our new capabilities and how they can help your organization and partners.

About Vibrant Planet

Vibrant Planet, a woman led U.S. Public Benefit Corporation, empowers natural resource and community risk managers to build wildfire and climate change resilience through its cloud-based adaptive planning and monitoring platform. 

The Vibrant Planet team brings together leading scientists, data and software engineers, foresters, and climate policy experts. Our mission is to accelerate landscape restoration to safeguard communities and natural resources and, ultimately, unlock nature-based climate solutions. 

Vibrant’s management decision support system provides critical predictive analytics to support workforce development/planning, biomass utilization, nature based climate solutions finance, and risk-focused industries like utilities and insurance. Current customers include fire districts, USFS, counties, state natural resource agencies, nonprofits, and resource conservation districts.

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