We’re collaborative by nature and work with a number of amazing organizations to solve land management and carbon finance challenges.


Vibrant Planet works closely with partners on R&D to make the best possible science and data widely available.*

US Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station

USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station

Land Management Scenario Planning & Prioritization

Vibrant Planet works closely with a team of researchers from the US Forest Service Rocky Mountain research station on scenario planning tools under a Collaborative research and development agreement (CRADA). More information on Forest Service efforts related to scenario planning can be found here:

C Trees Logo

C Trees

Precise Carbon Data for Every Tree and Forest on the Planet

C Trees is the first global monitoring system enabling robust carbon accounting with data that is transparent, reliable, and actionable. CTREES platform is designed to track carbon in every tree and forest on the planet. It integrates ground inventory, very high-resolution satellite data, system dynamic modeling, and artificial intelligence to provide geospatial MRV (Measurement, Reporting, and Verification) for the evaluation of carbon mitigation strategies in land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) at all scales.

Dragonfly Data Science Logo

Dragonfly Data Science

Machine Learning for Ecology

Dragonfly Data Science is a science consultancy from Aotearoa New Zealand specializing in data analysis, statistical modeling, and machine learning. Ecologists, data scientists, and machine learning experts at Dragonfly are working hand-in-hand with Vibrant Planet's in-house team to derive vegetation structure and classification from LiDAR, NAIP imagery, and satellite imagery – down to tree level.

Visual Forester logo

Visual Forester, by Alpine LIS

Forest Stand Visualization

Vibrant Planet and Alpine LIS are partnering to bring tree and stand level data to life inside the Land Tender application. Visual Forester creates a high-fidelity open world based on real timber inventories and forecasted data to provide a clear sense of current state and potential treatment outcomes inside of planning areas. Visual Forester also offers a standalone application.


Vibrant Planet collaborates with a number of leaders in project finance, environmental analysis, and ecosystem services economics to jointly develop solutions for the forest resilience and carbon finance space.

Panorama Logo

Panorama Environmental, Inc.

Environmental Regulation Facilitation and Technology Co-Development

Panorama provides environmental planning, analysis, and regulatory permitting services to public- and private-sector clients. Their key areas of expertise are California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) / and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance, permitting, and all the tasks associated with document preparation such as data collection, impact analysis, technical writing and editing, GIS analyses, public outreach, and mitigation monitoring. They have been integral on every phase of projects, from feasibility studies to mitigation monitoring compliance, and are experts in navigating the regulatory process for their clients. Panorama is a small, women- and minority-owned firm, who is best known for being smart, proactive, and reliable.


Vibrant Planet partners with leading creative partners to bring information to life and engage key stakeholders and the public in landscape restoration and protection.

Todd Schulte Design Logo

Todd Schulte Design

Creative Director for Vibrant Planet

Todd Schulte Design believes in using the power of design for good. With over two decades of experience in brand identity, web/UI, print, packaging, and environments, founder Todd Schulte possesses a well-rounded and seasoned perspective. Prior to starting his own company, he worked at several prominent design firms including IDEO, SYPartners and the in-house design team at Apple. Today he focuses his work with nonprofits such as Vibrant Planet, Coral Reef Alliance, UC Berkeley, Community Youth Center San Francisco, Oakland Museum of California, and Save the Redwoods League.


*As a hybrid nonprofit and public benefit corporation, Vibrant Planet caps its paid overhead rate to 15%.

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