In service of a vibrant planet for all.


We are a team of applied scientists, land managers, and technology and policy leaders working to foster climate resilient ecosystems and communities.

We left our former work lives behind to see how, together, we can help accelerate scientifically informed decisions to reduce wildfire severity, keep critical ecosystems intact, and enhance ecosystem functions like carbon sequestration, biodiversity health and connectivity, water quality and quantity, and recreation spaces.

Through discussions with hundreds of people in community protection and natural resource management, we identified the need for improved collaboration among jurisdictional land owners, indigenous peoples; counties, fire districts, utilities, insurers, NGOs, and scientists working to mitigate risk and create a resilient future. We also saw a need to connect national policy to actions on the ground, and for collective intelligence on what works best in what socio-ecological contexts.


A unique business model built for unprecedented times

We founded Vibrant Planet out of a sense of urgency, and attracted early support from top impact investors to rapidly build, test and deploy our platform. Traditionally in the natural resources space, public and private grant funding availability has limited the capacity for rapid response, and mandated grant timelines and requirements have been beholden to specific, disparate priorities. Grant funded solutions often wither when funding runs out.

Our subscription model, supporting a diverse customer base, enables us to continuously improve our products to be more powerful, effective, and adaptable to changing needs. As a public benefit corporation (PBC), fostering positive social and environmental impact is core to our mission. We sincerely believe this is an all hands on deck moment, and it takes the collective ingenuity of our public and private partners to face the enormous climate challenges at hand.

Part of our public benefit is making novel data products we build publicly available for scientific and educational pursuits in the nonprofit arm of our hybrid structure. Learn more about the nonprofit VP Data Commons’ work.

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