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Updated Zero Foodprint's branding, narrative, and website design.

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Zero Foodprint crowdfunds regenerative agriculture, funding farmers across the US to plant cover crops, apply compost and conduct managed grazing techniques. Healthy soil could sequestor all the carbon emissions human beings emit annually if we restore its natural, carbon eating state. Zero Foodprint aggregates contributions from restaurants and their customers to support carbon farmers. 

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Selected Projects

Google GreenGoogle’s first narrative on their impressive renewable energy and on-campus investments in sustainability.

Facebook SustainabilityFacebook’s first Sustainability narrative and Sustainability Report, showcasing its leadership in data center design and operations, and on-campus initiatives.

REBANarrative and website for Renewable Energy Buyers’ Alliance, a leading aggregator of corporate renewable energy purchases

Open Compute ProjectA new narrative and website for this Facebook-founded open source data center technology development community.

CommonwiseStrategy and narrative for Commonwise, focused on accelerating solutions to catastrophic fire and other threats to Western landscapes.

Downtown Detroit Boxing GymDeveloped funding pitch and, in the process, a new way to tell this breakthrough organization's story.

Chan Zuckerberg InitiativeDeveloped first content and movement building strategy to engage peers, stakeholders, and the public in the issues they are taking.

eBay Social InnovationDeveloped Social Innovation and Sustainability strategies to mobilize employees and customers in philanthropic contributions and more sustainable lifestyles and purchases.

Facebook Good StrategyDeveloped Facebook’s Good Strategy, focused on ways the company could tilt its platforms toward good.

Facebook Health StrategyCreated Facebook’s first Health Strategy, a product and organizational strategy to leverage Facebook technology to improve public health worldwide.

Commonwise Work SessionsFacilitated forest resilience/megafire stakeholder work sessions to develop scaled solutions to California's megafire challenge.

Facebook LoveEarthDeveloped LoveEarth, a global campaign during the Paris Climate Talks to engage the public in this crucial cultural moment.

She Means BusinessSupported development of the She Means Business campaign with 100 South Asian nonprofits focused on women’s entrepreneurship, sponsored by Facebook.

Facebook Data for GoodDeveloped a pilot campaign in partnership with trusted Latin American NGOs to reach the public in Brazil with critical information about the Zika outbreak.

Chan Zuckerberg ScienceSupported the launch of CZ Science on Facebook Live and through Chan Zuckerberg’s social media channels.

DrawdownSupported the launch of Paul Hawken’s book, Drawdown: 100 Solutions to Reverse Global Warming, developing original content and managing celebrity engagement and events on social media.

Frack Free ColoradoCofounded and created Frack Free Colorado, a grassroots movement to stop fracking in Colorado.

Facebook Good SummitCreated and produced an immersive 2-day “Good Summit” for Facebook’s top 40 leaders to inspire those shaping the platforms to tilt them toward good.

Facebook SustainabilitySupported the development of a modular physical world story of Facebook’s sustainability leadership that can travel to events.

eBay Global Citizenship SummitDeveloped an eBay Global Citizenship Summit to define the next iteration of the company’s role and potential in the world.

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