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Facilitating forest resilience for everyone

Facilitating forest resilience for everyone

Companies with net zero ambitions can fight Amazon deforestation now and finance future forest carbon market supply with confidence.

“In Mato Grosso’s continued effort to improve the health of the Amazon rainforest that is so crucial to all of us, we are excited to announce that companies can now buy  jurisdictional REDD+ credits, previously only available to governments, as an immediate and long-term investment in forests."

Governor Mauro Mendes


For the first time ever, the State of Mato Grosso, Brazil is offering verified jurisdictional REDD+ Certificates to companies with net-zero goals. The proceeds from the results-based Certificate sales, previously only offered to governments, will finance the State’s transition to a forest-positive, net-zero economy by 2035.  

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Through the Eco Mercado platform


Have access to unprecedented visibility into forest cover, forest health, and resulting carbon benefits through advanced, high resolution remote sensed data.

Forest Protectors

Farmers and indigenous peoples who are protecting the Amazon’s forests, receive rapid, secure funding for avoided emissions, and seed funding for new forest carbon projects.

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The good news...

The state of Mato Grosso has succeeded in reducing deforestation within its borders by 75 percent—more than any other state in Brazil—while increasing food production. They have achieved this through regulations and incentives that encourage forest conservation. Mato Grosso is living proof of what’s possible.

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The bad news...

Global economic forces tied to industrial agriculture and illegal gold mining threaten forests throughout Brazil. Unless the value of living forests becomes greater than the economic forces causing them to be cut and burned, more forests will fall. There is no time to lose. 

The problem is clear

Science-driven policies and standards developed over decades to ensure the credibility of forest carbon markets have lacked the data and technological solutions that can provide the assurances that forest carbon finance is asking for: is our money actually making a difference?

The solution is just as clear

→ Make living forests and the “services” they provide more valuable than clearing them for commodities

→ Leverage state-of-the-art technology and advanced science to increase investor confidence in forest carbon sinks 

→ Enable secure, efficent forest carbon transactions that support internationally recognized standards and local needs

We’re doing just that. 

Eco Mercado: A marketplace designed to unlock forest resilience faster and more reliably


Eco Mercado is powered by accurate, high-resolution data that enables near real-time, tree-level forest monitoring, prioritization of resources and actions, and a marketplace where “net zero” investors can fund forest protection with confidence.

Starting early 2022, Eco Mercado is offering jurisdictional REDD+ Certificates. In the future, the platform will make available all types of forest carbon products and other ecosystem services “credits” to unlock additional financial instruments for keeping forests intact.

How it works

What are jurisdictional REDD+ Certificates?

Jurisdictional REDD+ Certificates (“Certificates”) are Brazil’s formal recognition of payments from governments or companies that result in the retirement of emissions reductions (ERs) achieved in the Amazon forest biome of Brazil through avoided deforestation.

The sale of Certificates compensates farmers, smallholders, and indigenous peoples for protecting forests since 2011 within the state of Mato Grosso, and, ultimately, finances their ability to deliver future tradable forest carbon offsets. 


How jurisdictional REDD+ Certificates work:


Once a buyer makes a purchase, the Certificate stating the company's name and the number of ERs being retired is published in the Brazilian national InfoHub registry and can never be issued again or transfered*


ER Certificates registered in the InfoHub are counted by Brazil towards its “Nationally Determined Contribution” to the Paris Agreement.


Companies that acquire ER Certificates from Mato Grosso can claim contributions to reducing global emissions through the “results-based-payments” mechanism recognized in Article 5 of the Paris Climate Agreement.


Once a transaction is completed through the Eco Mercado platform, funds are transferred directly to PCI Institute which distributes proceeds in a fair and transparent process to farmers and indigenous peoples. 

* Although the transaction does not involve a credit transfer to the buyer, it does affirm formal recognition of the buyer’s climate change mitigation contribution.

About Mato Grosso

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Straddles the Amazon forest, the Cerrado woodland and the Pantanal wetland; in 2006, it began a journey to become the first major jurisdiction to achieve a low-carbon, forest-positive economy.

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Twice the size of California and with a GDP of $28B, Mato Grosso is Brazil’s largest producer of soybeans, beef and cotton. 

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Has avoided emissions of three billion tons of carbon dioxide from deforestation, the largest source of GHG emissions in the state. Deforestation in Mato Grosso has fallen 75 percent from 2001-2020.

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Has large areas of secondary forests with the potential of accumulating carbon and contributing an additional 5-10% (5-10 million tons of CO2) to the state’s 2030 net emission reduction target. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


What is jurisdictional REDD+? 

Jurisdictional REDD+ is an integrated, jurisdiction-wide accounting framework that enhances environmental integrity by ensuring all projects  that reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation activities in a state or province within a given country are developed using consistent... Read more

How do jurisdictional REDD+ Certificates compare to carbon offsets? 

The government of Brazil allocated each state, including Mato Grosso jurisdictional emissions reductions (ER’s) by the National REDD+ Council (CONAREDD). Each State can then monetize these ER's through transactions with governments or companies... Read more

What is Brazil’s InfoHub?

In 2013, the UN Climate Change negotiation process established the Lima REDD+ Information Hub on the REDD+ Web Platform as a means of  publishing compiled information on the results of international REDD+ activities, and corresponding results-based payments to farmers and indigenous tribes... Read more
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The marketplace that powers forest resilience

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